Would you like to be able to take extreme close up photographs of your jewelry with your point and shoot camera? Check out the Little Big Shot macro lens which can be attached to almost all compact cameras and only costs $22.99 plus shipping. Visit the Macro Lens For Compacts web page for more information about this compact camera attachable macro lens.

Do you need help editing your photographs? Please visit my GIMP Image Editor page for more information about my GIMP image editing ebook. GIMP is a FREE software program from gimp.org that can do anything that Photoshop can do. Preview three chapters of my GIMP ebook by going to the GIMP Image Editor page and clicking on the FREE GIMP ebook preview link.

Dear Friend,

Nikon Coolpix S4300 point and shoot camera

My name is Jim Juris and my specialty is photographing jewelry and small craft items. I do this without buying and using a lot of expensive photography equipment. Of course, this is assuming that you already have purchased a digital camera and a good tripod.

Are you an artisan who loves making jewelry or other handmade craft products but find photographing the jewelry that you sell on Etsy or Artfire time consuming and difficult? If you are, I guarantee you that you are not alone. My Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook has helped hundreds of Etsy and Artfire artisans improve their jewelry and craft photos. Bracelet, earring and necklace digital photography can be difficult even for an experienced photographer.

Tips on how to improve your jewelry and craft photography

tin box with a colorful floral design

Over the past seven years I have asked a number of Etsy and Artfire artisans if they have read their camera's owner's manual and surprisingly most of them said no. When I purchased my first digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera back in 2006 the first thing that I did when I came home with my new camera was spend about twelve hours reading my camera's owner's manual.

You don't need to own an expensive DSLR camera in order to take good quality photos of your handcrafted jewelry. In fact, if I showed you some photographs that I took with a 2 mega pixel point and shot camera along with some photos that were taken with an eight mega pixel DSLR camera I doubt that you would be able to tell the difference.

I recommend using a white background for your photos when selling craft products on Etsy or Artfire. If your jewelry is white I recommend using either a gray or black background.

For best results, leave the flash off. Adjust your camera settings for the proper light conditions. Use a tripod and a light box and shoot from several different angles to obtain quality pictures of your handcrafted jewelry.

Use your camera in both the horizontal and vertical position. Don't be afraid to turn your camera ninety degrees when taking your photos.

The background should be free of distractions so that when shoppers look at your earring, bracelet and necklace pictures their eyes concentrate on the jewelry rather than roaming all around the image looking at all of the distractions in the photo.

twenty five cent ring with a broken band on a small piece of wood

One of the disadvantages of selling handmade craft items on handmade venues like Etsy and Artfire is that a potential buyer can not see the actual product like they can when they are shopping at a brick and mortar store. Your jewelry images must be composed well and your camera must be positioned as close as possible to the product that you are selling in order to show your potential buyers all of the fine details of your handmade jewelry.

Indirect sunlight from an overcast sky is the best source of lighting. Your pictures will not turn out well if you take your photos on a clear sunny day in the middle of the day. The sun is just too harsh at that time. Over exposure is rarely a good thing for product photography. I won a photo contest taking a photograph on an overcast day when it was drizzling.

Another good lighting source for days when it is too cold, too windy or raining outdoors are daylight compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

I recommend that you take your time, adjust your camera and lighting and compose the photo so that your images make a good first impression on your potential buyers. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on your Etsy and Artfire shoppers. There are five million artisans who sell their handcrafted jewelry online so do not give your potential buyers a reason to leave and go look at another artisans jewelry instead of buying your handmade products.

red, white and blue pen

Photo editing is just as important as taking the picture. Crop and resize your picture to improve the image quality. You don't have to spend any money on photo editing software. GIMP is free software that is capable of doing just about anything and everything that Photoshop can do. I wrote and sell an ebook that teaches your how to edit your photographs using GIMP 2.6.

Whenever possible use the rule of thirds in order make your photographs appeal to the viewers eyes. Here is an example of a special effects photograph that uses the Rule of Thirds. Here is a great explanation of the Rule of Thirds.

I hope that you find these jewelry photography tips helpful. You will find a lot more helpful advice in my Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook. The price of this ebook is $6.99.

Impress your potential buyers by improving your craft photography using the easy to follow techniques that I teach in my ebook.

For an immediate download of this ebook, which sells for $6.99, please use this link to my Photography By Jim Juris Handmade Artists shop.

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Jim, I really believe in your ebook. I think it is extremely well written and easy to understand. All of my pictures are so much better and I have only been using some of your tips."

Diana Norman, www.DianaNormanDesigns.com

My ebook consists of 60 pages of text. Included in those 60 pages are 34 images.

Table of Contents:

  • Buying a digital camera
  • Becoming familiar with your digital camera
  • Using a tripod and the camera's self-timer for sharp images
  • Program, shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual mode settings
  • Macro mode
  • Tips and tricks to avoid blurry images
  • White balance, exposure compensation settings, and bracketing
  • Understanding light and how it affects exposure
  • Photo Light boxes and light tents
  • Using various types of backgrounds for your jewelry or craft item photography
  • Using a water jug to photograph small items
  • Digital darkroom basics
  • Advanced image editing techniques
  • How to eliminate glare and reflections
  • Final words

Unsolicited Testimonial

"I bought the Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook from Jim Juris, and I love it! Really great deal for the price!"

Peggi, www.artfire.com/users/PinksPleasures

This ebook is not just for jewelry makers, it is for any craft person or hobbyist that needs to photograph small objects...

  • soap
  • dolls
  • coins
  • candles
  • thimbles
  • birdhouses
  • fishing ties
  • arrowheads
  • teddy bears
  • matchbox cars

Benefits of reading my ebook:

Fast! You won't need to spend days, weeks, months, or a year trying to perfect your photography. You can read my ebook and put into practice what you have learned in two hours or less.

Easy! The methods that I teach in my ebook are easy to understand and use. My jewelry photography ebook was written so that an average fifteen year old child can read and understand what I teach.

Immediate Download! You never have to leave home to purchase my ebook. The immediate download is only available through my Photography By Jim Juris shop on Handmade Artists.

While many Etsy and Artfire artisans create beautiful jewelry and other handmade crafts, they don't know how to take great photographs of their fabulous creations. Their photos look bad so they miss out on sales. With some practice and by using the knowledge that I will provide from my experience, you should be seeing a great improvement in the quality of your jewelry photographs very quickly.

Making a good first impression on your visitors with your jewelry photographs is so important when selling online because if you don't impress your visitors within the first 5 to 15 seconds they will leave and never return. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

As a second option, you can Purchase my Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook from my Jim Juris studio on Artfire for $6.99. NOTE: an immediate download is not available on Artfire. I will send you the ebook as an email attachment, in PDF format, within 24 hours after payment is confirmed.

My Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook will teach you how to take pictures of jewelry and my GIMP photo editing ebook will teach you how to edit your jewelry pictures. Some people purchase both of these ebooks.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you enjoyed your visit and that you learned something new about jewelry and craft photography.

Jim Juris


self portrait of Jim Juris
Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook cover
GIMP photo editing ebook cover

The information in these ebooks is in PDF format which is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

In order to read these ebooks you will need to have the free Adobe Reader (formally known as Acrobat Reader) installed on your computer. Adobe Reader

African mask
nautical image painted on wood
necklace with pearl in round pendant
four arrowheads
frog catching fish with a fishing pole
three burning candles
candle set gift box
peuter lighthouse
little BigShot sample images

Take incredible macro photography pictures of your handmade jewelry or craft product with the Little BigShot snap-on macro lens.

Little BigShot fits almost all point and shoot cameras.

learn how to edit your digital photographs using free software from GIMP. GIMP photo editing ebook.

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